What is Unitein?

Unitein is a 100% natural bioactive substance proven to restore damaged cells at a 37% DNA restoration rate at full concentration and 14% DNA restoration rate with a 1000 times

UNITEIN Gum Toothpaste - Repairs Tooth Decay & Tooth Loss

Unitein Toothpaste 3 Major Ingredients

UNITEIN Gum Toothpaste contains three effective ingredients Unitein (Red Ginseng): The core raw material, Unitein, is manufactured by the company’s unique R&D patented technology, which can effectively resist the Three


Unitein Toothpaste

Retains Original Clean Teeth Restores Gingivital Cells Repairs Tooth Decay & Tooth Loss Resists Receding Gums & Sensitive Teeth Reduce Bleeding, Odor, Plague & Inflammation “After two weeks with frankincense,


Unitein Parent Company – Mitos Bio Co.,Ltd.

DESCRIPTION “Healthy food and thought make a healthy person, and healthy persons make a healthy world.” Mitos Bio, Inc. develops and sells healthful products using Unitein materials and other natural

Unitein History

2023 February: Available on Elightingup.com (Unitein toothpaste) 2022 February: Available on Amazon.com (Unitein toothpaste) January: Exported to the United States (Unitein toothpaste) 2020 December: Exported to Singapore (Unitein toothpaste) 2019


Unitein Patents

Unitein is a patented scientific research technology* ingredient. Scientific experiments at Handong University in South Korea have proved that Unitein has the effect of repairing cells (37% increase in DNA


Unitein 2 Awards

The Unitein researcher was the recipient of 2017 KIWIE Korea World Women Invention Conference Gold Award and 2017 KIWIE Small and Medium Business Council KBIZ Special Award. 2017 KIWIE Korea

Unitein Toothpaste Q & A

How to use it? Use 3 times a day after the meal. You can use your normal toothpaste first, then use this eatable herbal toothpaste to brush & massage gum,


Unitein Red Ginseng Pills

Weight: 200 g Origin: South Korea Effects:  The globules contain red ginseng (processed with nine times of steam and sun-dry), soybean, and dried tangerine peel, processed with fermentation and heat.


Unitein Reviews, Part 1

Jane W. (Unitein Toothpaste Review) This toothpaste reduced inflammation on my gum! My gum used to be more red and sensitive, but now it is changed into a more healthy


Unitein Case Studies

Case #1 “After two weeks with frankincense, severe gingivitis and tartar disappeared.” ~ 28-year-old male Case #2 “Gum is restored a bit!” ~ 36-year-old female