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Unitein Reviews, Part 1

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Jane W. (Unitein Toothpaste Review)

This toothpaste reduced inflammation on my gum! My gum used to be more red and sensitive, but now it is changed into a more healthy and pinkish color. I am glad I finally found a toothpaste that works for me. Right now, I am alternating between a normal toothpaste and this one whenever I feel like my teeth/ gum is getting weak again. It is like a booster toothpaste for me. My gum rarely bleeds now.

This is a perfect natural toothpaste. The taste is nice too. The only toothpaste worth buying if you have any sort of sensitivity! Keeps my gums and breath fresh and clean. Very effective! Thank You!

Scott G.(Unitein Toothpaste Review)

A co-worker recommended uniTein to me. With a week, I could feel that my teeth were stronger. This tooth paste restored a feeling to my teeth that I have not experienced in many years. I will definitely continue to use this tooth paste and I would recommend it.