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The Invisible Killer of Teeth – Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the second largest oral problem after tooth decay, and it is an invisible killer of teeth. It often causes tooth loss within a few years, which not only affects appearance but also seriously affects life quality.

Periodontal disease has a high incidence and is easily overlooked

According to the report of the Department of Health, almost 99% of people in Hong Kong have periodontal disease to varying degrees. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is a combination of foreign bacteria and autoimmune reactions, which gradually destroys the gums and gum bones, eventually leading to tooth loss.

In addition to the common symptoms of periodontal disease such as tooth shaking, tooth sores, bleeding gums, bad breath, gum atrophy, etc., the most frightening thing is that the nerves of the gums and gums are not as sensitive as teeth and often do not hurt. In the molar area, although the teeth are stable, tooth sores often develop. Most people will not go to the dentist when their teeth are not painful or loose and often miss the best time for treatment.

Periodontal disease is easily overlooked or considered a minor problem, but in fact, periodontal disease can increase the incidence of systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (causing heart health problems), osteoporosis, and underweight premature babies.

And when periodontal and gum problems cause teeth to loosen or even fall out, and no matter how advanced the implant is, it is difficult to restore the advantages of natural teeth. Instead of regretting the past, why not prevent it as soon as possible?

Restoration of gums without implants

Guo Duhui, who is in his 60s and works as a professor of mathematical and physical science at the Korea University of Science and Technology, said: “I used to have weak gums, and I often went to the dental clinic with bleeding gums. The dentist said that the weak gums are difficult to implant. It is recommended to extract the teeth first and wait for the gums to recover. After implanting my teeth, I refused to have my real teeth pulled out, so I refused on the spot. I had to go home and continue to brush my teeth with an interdental toothbrush. Later, I came across Unitein toothpaste. The pain was relieved and the bleeding gradually decreased after using it. , The gums stopped bleeding after a few days. During the period, when the gums recovered to health, I switched to other toothpaste to brush my teeth, and the gums were sore and cold again. As a result, I insisted on brushing my teeth with Unitein toothpaste after meals and before going to bed every day. After a few months, one side of the gums almost It has recovered enough that it is no problem even to chew ordinary food.

“After using Unitein toothpaste for two years, the gums on both sides have basically returned to normal, and I can chew things, and occasionally eat nuts inadvertently, no problem. Unitein toothpaste has really helped my gums recover a lot, everything works like a miracle.”

Guo Duhui.

What kind of powers can Unitein Toothpaste exert?

South Korea’s Unitein toothpaste uses precious oriental and western medicinal materials, 99% natural ingredients, and no harmful chemical ingredients added. It is suitable for people of any age, especially those with chronic diseases, ulcers, toothaches, and gum problems.

The efficacy of Unitein toothpaste

Combining modern science and technology with two ancient ingredients to preserve the original tooth model

Unitein (Unitein) is an ingredient developed by Unitein toothpaste with exclusive patented technology, which can effectively repair gum cells, resist gum atrophy, strengthen gums, and achieve the purpose of “preserving the original tooth mode”. Its patents include red ginseng bacillus patent (10-0714408), bacillus orthodox red ginseng patent (10-1070088) and new protein patent with anti-disease effect (10-1144471). The DNA repair rate of cells damaged by persistent diseases is as high as 37%. The experimental results have been broadcast on MBC and SBS, the mainstream media in South Korea. In 2017, Unitein Toothpaste won the KIWIE Female Inventor Gold Award. This product is a functional scientific research product that has attracted attention in South Korea in recent years.

  • Red Ginseng Bacillus patent (10-0714408).
  • Bacillus orthodox red ginseng patent (10-1070088).
  • Anti-disease effect new protein patent (10-1144471).
  • KIWIE Women Inventors Gold Award 2017.

Unitein Toothpaste combines modern science and technology with two ancient ingredients—frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense has been used in oral care since ancient times; myrrh was called a mysterious medicine in ancient Western medicine, and it was used as a traditional Chinese medicine in Eastern Chinese medicine. use. Unitein toothpaste is added with high-quality frankincense sap imported from Greece, which has remarkable antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and also has natural antiseptic effects; while myrrh has antibacterial, immune-boosting, and blood-purifying effects. According to the records of the Bible-Old Testament, when Jesus was born, the oriental doctors offered frankincense, myrrh and gold as congratulatory gifts, so frankincense, myrrh and gold were equally precious tributes in ancient times.

Case one.

The dentist diagnosed severe gum problems and initial periodontal disease, and started brushing with frankincense about a week before gum surgery. Gum surgery and brushing with frankincense in parallel, bad breath and bleeding improved significantly. After two weeks of using frankincense, severe gum problems and tartar disappeared.

Case two.

Symptoms: ① Bleeding gums and bad breath ② Initial state of periodontal disease ③ Periodontal disease and severe pain and bleeding. In the case of not treating periodontal disease, the use of frankincense can significantly relieve inflammation of periodontal disease, stop bleeding, and disappear gingival pain.