QUEST WISE relieves dry eyes

Acupoints Stimulating Eye Rejuvenation

Using the ancient method of acupressure, the eye patches are applied to different acupoints surrounding the eyes, triggering the body’s natural healing powers.

QUEST WISE relieves eye strain

Unique Chinese Herbal Ingredients 

In addition to the gentle acupoint massage, the eye patches are infused with a formula of six different natural herbs: Pipewort, Borneol, Azone, Mint, Chrysanthemum, and Licorice root.

QUEST WISE cataracts treatment

Deep Penetration to the Acupoints

The active ingredients are absorbed through the layers of skin and serve to stimulate natural tears and relieve eye stress.

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

1. Wash and cleanse eye area

Before applying QUEST WISE patches, cleaning the eye
area helps with the essence absorption.

QUEST WISE Eye Patches for eye strain

2. Remove eye patches from packaging

Carefully remove QUEST WISE eye patches from packaging.
A total of 6 patches is needed for each use.

3. Apply patches as illustrated

Gently apply QUEST WISE eye patches on 8 acupoints
around the eyes. This usually make your eyes tear a little bit.

4. Allow essence to be absorbed

After applying the patches, you can resume your study or
go to bed. Patches are for single use. Best if applied before 11:00 PM,
keep on for 6-8 hours. Patches can be removed in the morning
after wetting eye area