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Is it normal to tear?

Tearing is a normal reaction. If dry eyes and cataracts are severe, tearing will be more serious, which means that the filthy stuff from the eye cells and tissues is flowing out.

What degree of pollen allergy will be effective?

There is no cure for pollen allergy itself, but itchy eyes caused by pollen allergy have a very good effect.

Can all myopia be treated?

Pseudo-myopia can be greatly improved in 3 months, and many children can completely remove their glasses. It is irreversible for myopia, but our eye patches can prevent nearsightedness from worsening, especially for children before the age of 22. The effect is very obvious.

Can eye strain and dry eyes resulting from excessive screen time be relieved immediately?

Generally speaking, it takes effect within 2 minutes. You can close your eyes for a few minutes after putting on the eye patch.

Is there a cure for presbyopia?

There is a certain curative effect. The result will be even more noticeable if applied daily for 3 months.

Can it only be applied at night?

No, it can be applied at any time when the eyes are uncomfortable.