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Repair gingival cells, fight against tooth decay, strengthen gums, remove tartar, prevent bad breath, treat gum disease and tooth decay.

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After 20 years of gum problems, I have finally found the answer to much improved gum health. I’ve been using for 2 months now, and am astounded that my bleeding gums are healed, my constant sore mouth feels normal again. Your toothpaste has been a huge blessing. Thank you!” ~ Barbara W.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 2 × 1.5 in

86 reviews for Unitein Toothpaste

Based on 86 reviews
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  1. Great toothpaste but does seem to cause a little sensitivity for me.

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  2. Excellent product. Noticeable difference on how my teeth look and feel.

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  3. Hmmm… I am only just starting to use this toothpaste for about three weeks, but sofar, the results are definitely encouraging, and it really is equally important that the taste is also quite pleasant. It has an earthy quality. It does not taste like anything artificial or chemical.

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  4. My friend recommended this toothpaste to me a few months ago. In the past, whenever I took a bite of banana, I often saw red spots on the banana—my gum was bleeding. After applying this toothpaste on my gum every night for about a week, I didn’t see any red spots when eating banana. I plan to recommend this product to my brother-in-law. His teeth are getting loose due to severe periodontal disease. This product could help with his gum problem.

    My first tube is almost gone. Need to order some soon.

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  5. I rarely find a product that actually does what it claims. This one does. My mouth feels clean, Less plaque forms. And redness is almost completely gone. Also gum sensetivity has gotten better. Just waiting to see if my gums recover, or grow.

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