What is Unitein?

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Unitein is a 100% natural bioactive substance proven to restore damaged cells at a 37% DNA restoration rate at full concentration and 14% DNA restoration rate with a 1000 times…

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Unitein Toothpaste

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9-bE1swd-8 Retains Original Clean Teeth Restores Gingivital Cells Repairs Tooth Decay & Tooth Loss Resists Receding Gums & Sensitive Teeth Reduce Bleeding, Odor, Plague & Inflammation “After two weeks with…

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Unitein History

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2023 February: Available on Elightingup.com (Unitein toothpaste) 2022 February: Available on Amazon.com (Unitein toothpaste) January: Exported to the United States (Unitein toothpaste) 2020 December: Exported to Singapore (Unitein toothpaste) 2019…

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Unitein Patents

Unitein is a patented scientific research technology* ingredient. Scientific experiments at Handong University in South Korea have proved that Unitein has the effect of repairing cells (37% increase in DNA…

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